About us

“Everyone has dreamed of a perfect space that is livable, comfortable and delightful – a sort of haven that one will never get tired of. So we came up with something that would be able to cater to you instantly when you’re ready to make that dream come true.”
- Homeprise -

What is Homeprise?

Homeprise is where individuals who are passionate about technology and home decoration get together to build a platform which has never before seen in Asia. Available both online and offline, the platform offers a wide range of technology which anyone can adopt for their own home decoration with ease. Homeprise brings designers across the country into one place for those who wish to create a dream house, wherever they are on the planet. It is the hub of home décors and furniture from retailers nationwide, which is easily accessible via website and mobile application. With Homeprise, your home décor choices will be wider, and the same old complicated decoration routine will turn out to be a fun, simple and on-demand activity.

Home decoration on mobile application?

Yes. You heard it right. When you have a clear picture in your mind and full-blown determination, you sure can make your own design! With Homeprise application, you can visualize your home decoration idea with family members or even connect with professional help directly on the platform. What we do is making home decoration a much easier task for dwellers, and that Homeprise users will no longer need to roam through stores with a vague vision in their mind, not knowing if the pieces of furniture would fit into their home. Homeprise application comes with AR technology which allows you to envision more than 2,000 items in your home. This means you will get to see Starmark kitchen set, Mogen bathroom, Modular closets and TV cabinets of the right size in your room just by simply dragging through the Homeprise application. This fantastic function helps you create easy and realistic budget, reducing the risk of common problems among home decorators like increasing expenses and mismatched decoration. Imagine how much better it would be if you don’t have to roam around searching for the right pieces of furniture, and decorate your home right at your fingers instead?

If I want a design help from professionals, what do I do?

Homeprise is a platform that brings together skilled and professional designers who are specialized in interior design and architecture into one place. Reaching to designers for help used to be difficult and costly; however, such worries will no longer be haunting as Homeprise is making the communication between dwellers and designers become easy and widely accessible.
If you haven’t figured out which item or style is right for you, you can participate in Live Chat via Homeprise website and application to get free advice from our staff and designers. Apart from the Live Chat that enables on-the-go communication between you and the designers whenever and wherever you wish, we have also developed a technology exclusively for Homeprise called Live Design – an innovation that ultimately makes two-sided design work between you and the designers possible even though both parties are living in the other different sides of the world. Visit Homeprise website and get a virtual experience of interior design and home decoration alongside the professional designers. This collaborative function will allow the professionals to create a more customized design for you. Through Homeprise’s state-of-the-art technology, you can be a part of the design making process and get exactly what you want.

The design is completed. What’s next?

Once you already select the product, next step is purchasing. If you’d like to see the real materials or get a physical touch of the item, please visit us at Stwo building, Crystal Design Center. Displaying several pieces of furniture and their materials for home lovers, the showroom gather a plenty of furniture models from manufacturers across the country into one place and welcomes you to experience everything first-hand to ensure that it would be perfect for your home. Whether it is purchase via online orders, phone calls or walk-ins, our service will get your furniture shopping experience covered, including delivery and installation.

Homeprise? In a nutshell

So what exactly is Homeprise?
- The place where great designers and interior professionals gather
- The hub of technology for designs and home decoration
- A platform for furniture and home decor retailers across the country

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